Travimini.Com FAQ

Q: When you start new servers?

A: Check mainpage and wait for announce. Usually i start 1-2 servers per week.


Q: My embassy already lvl 3, why it contains max 2 members?

A: Embassy lvl 3 support up to 2 members. 20lvl = 4 members.


Q: Why catapults training takes so long?

A: I did this to optimize gameplay on high speed servers. Or you enjoying 90% server with 0 population?


Q: How to buy gold via PayPal?

A: PP unavaliable for my destination sometimes. Ask me for Email PP directly in discord.


Q: Does it safe?

A: You`ll be redirected to official sequred SSL payment page.


Q: Why you won`t start T4 version?

A: only for T3.6 fans.